SEP 11th 2007

Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages, or GRDDL enables us to automatically extract information from structured Web pages, creating a bridge between XHTML/Microformats and RDF, and the current Web and the Semantic Web.

2007-09-11: The World Wide Web Consortium today released GRDDL and GRDDL Test Cases as Recommendations. GRDDL enables authors to extract data from their documents automatically, enabling them to reuse their data and enrich it by connecting to the Semantic Web. Give the W3C GRDDL Service a try! Read the GRDDL Primer, the press release and testimonials, and about the Semantic Web.

Danny Ayers and AlphaGalileo have some nice write-ups on GRDDL becoming a W3C recommendation.

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James Simmons

It's my goal to help bring about the Semantic Web. I also like to explore related topics like natural language processing, information retrieval, and web evolution. I'm the primary author of Semantic Focus and I'm currently working on several Semantic Web projects.

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