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NOV 14th 2007

Yihong Ding, contributing author of Semantic Focus, has released a Chinese language version of his Thinking Space blog. For now he'll be translating his existing articles from English to Chinese, but as time goes on he says he may post exclusive articles for his Chinese-speaking audience. If you prefer reading about the Semantic Web in Chinese then this is the blog for you!

Over the weekend I opened the doors to Planet Semantic Focus, our Semantic Web buzz aggregator! In a nutshell, PSF makes it easy for you to keep tabs on what's going within the Semantic Web community. In its current version (beta) the system is tracking blog posts from various sources and bloggers.

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OCT 2nd 2007

Update: Paul Miller from Talis updated me with some new information.

Talking with TalisI just recently stumbled upon Talking with Talis, a blog by Talis that hosts podcasts they've created from interviews with various people in the Semantic Web community. In their archives you can find nearly 60 podcasts, and this number is growing. The podcasts are fairly lengthy too, with most ranging between a half-hour to an hour long. For convenience and reference, each podcast entry lists the sites they talk about during the conversation, which makes following along easier.

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OCT 1st 2007

Thinking SpaceYihong Ding, contributing author of Semantic Focus, is celebrating the anniversary of his blog's launch. Thinking Space delivers a unique and inspiring view of Web evolution and the Semantic Web. Yihong expresses his sincere appreciation to all his readers, and I know that you guys like his work as well; Yihong's posts on this blog have received some of the best community responses. If you aren't a reader of Thinking Space you should go check it out!

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