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Semantic Focus Updates

FEB 18th 2008

I've been hard at work on updating Semantic Focus, both from an articles standpoint as well as adding new features. Although larger, more hush-hush projects (Semantic Web/NLP related) loom on the horizon, I'd like to share with you a few changes you may have noticed around the blog, and how they are especially of benefit to our guest writers and other members of the Blogosphere.

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Over the weekend I opened the doors to Planet Semantic Focus, our Semantic Web buzz aggregator! In a nutshell, PSF makes it easy for you to keep tabs on what's going within the Semantic Web community. In its current version (beta) the system is tracking blog posts from various sources and bloggers.

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SEP 21st 2007

I just launched the new site layout! In my opinion the new layout is a huge improvement over the old one. I'm sure I'll be spending the next week getting everything dialed in. It feels like I've been working on this redesign non-stop so it's a great relief to be able to focus more on other parts of the site (like Planet Semantic Focus).

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SEP 6th 2007

Tao, author of the Spring Node blog, shares with us a short conversation between Yihong and himself. Tao asks Yihong about his thoughts on Semantic Web Services. Check it out!

AUG 20th 2007

I've been steadily churning out code for the Planet Semantic Focus aggregator and interface, and I'm happy to say that it's nearing completion. Believe me, I can't wait to release that site!

The aggregator uses SimplePie to process various feed types and I have to say it's been a pleasure to work with! It has made getting a feed aggregator off the ground a much simpler task.

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AUG 11th 2007

Update: I've posted an update on the status of Planet Semantic Focus.

Since day one my goal for Semantic Focus has been to create a central hub for Semantic Web talk and activity. To help reach that goal I've been hard at work on a new feature for Semantic Focus! Planet Semantic Focus is an aggregator of Semantic Web buzz, capturing talk about the Semantic Web from hundreds of sources including:

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